Asmara Holdings Group

Asmara Holdings Group: An international group with its corporate office based in Dubai, UAE with exposure to global markets for more than five successful decades in different segments.

About Asmara Holdings Group

Who we are?

We manage more than twenty business units having interests in a wide range of businesses that include trading & distribution, FMCG manufacturing, retail, hospitality, ship chandling and catering, oil & gas, construction and chemical etc.

The global market evolution in the early 2000’s brought new paradigms and challenges which has inspired the investors to explore multiple opportunities and ventured into various segments. In this decade, the group has evolved from an importer and distributor to a manufacturer of a wide variety of FMCG products while retaining and bettering its supply chain and distributing capabilities. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities is producing world-class products to cater to the ever-increasing demands in the market for high-quality products.

Diversity and inclusion.

With Asmara perfect execution in managing diversity and working together, we have obtained a competitive edge in the industry. Our Five Success Mantra’s are :



Operational Excellence


Teamwork & Collaboration

Asmara Holdings Group

Our Vision

At Asmara Holdings Group, our vision is to be the premier supplier of high-quality products with a focus on exceptional service and timely delivery. Our goal is to create long-term value for our clients by passionately committing ourselves to excellence, ethical standards, anticipating and fulfilling customers needs, while keeping pace with technological advancements. We aspire to achieve this vision by leveraging our expertise, company strengths, and team to exceed customer expectations in every facet of our operations.

Asmara Holdings Group

Our Mission

Innovating and inspiring consumers.

Our mission at Asmara Holdings Group is to provide attentive, efficient, and proactive customer service, delivering personalized attention to every customer. We continuously strive to expand our knowledge and skills to meet the growing and diverse needs of our customers, achieving profitable growth while maintaining operational and organizational excellence without compromising our values and business ethics.

Our diverse portfolio of businesses including Commodities and FMCG Trading & Distribution, Manufacturing, Real estate, Construction, Agroindustry, Retail – Hypermarkets, Hospitality, Ship Chandelling & Catering, and Oil & Gas, allows us to provide an exceptional customer experience across various industries and sectors. We remain committed to delivering unparalleled value and service to our customers, stakeholders, and communities in which we operate.

The group is committed to strengthening its distribution channels by opening a chain of Hypermarkets worldwide.

With the aim of widening the spectrum and creating success stories in highly diversified fields, the Group has ventured into new and growing industries such as Ship Chandling, Catering, Real Estate, Farming, Coffee Trading and niche markets in Fruit and Vegetable trading. The current focus of the Group is to increase its global presence by developing new markets in Hongkong, Portugal, Belgium and Germany.

The Group has interests in Hospitality as well. We currently own and operate multi-star properties in the African region, and the Group is all set to enter the European market in this sector soon.

As one of the region’s largest independent family-owned groups, Asmara Holdings Group is built on a resilient foundation of trust, commitment, and integrity.

Corporate Culture and Purpose

At Asmara Holdings Group, our purpose of “Creating sustainable value” is the driving force that unites us all. We strive to bring value to every stakeholder in our business, including our customers, suppliers, partners, employees, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate.

Our corporate culture, purpose, vision, mission, and values serve as the guiding principles for our diverse workforce. We are committed to providing a clear framework and direction for all our employees, regardless of their location or role within the company.

To ensure that we act with integrity and respect for society, we have established a set of globally binding behavioral rules and standards outlined in a series of codes. These codes provide guidance for our employees’ behavior and actions in all areas of our business, with a priority on ethical and socially responsible practices.

Asmara Holdings Group

Company Purpose

The purpose of Asmara Holdings is to establish itself as a leading multinational conglomerate, delivering exceptional value to its clients, while maintaining a strong commitment to ethical standards and operational excellence.

Through its diverse portfolio of businesses in commodities and FMCG trading, manufacturing, real estate, construction, agroindustry, retail, hospitality, ship chandelling and catering, and oil & gas, Asmara Holdings seeks to create long-term value for its clients by providing top-quality products and customized value-added services, prompt deliveries, and personalized attention.

With a passionate commitment to excellence and innovation, the company strives to keep pace with technological advances and build its skills and knowledge to meet the growing and diverse needs of its clients.

At the same time, Asmara Holdings remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards, achieving profitable growth, and driving organizational excellence, all while safeguarding its values and business ethics.